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versau turnhout

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Paul geerts, comics artist, successor of Willy vandersteen as artist and author for the Spike and suzy comics (born 1937) Joris Hendrickx, 2009 Sidecarcross world champion Constant Janssen, father of paul Janssen and founder of the. Paul Janssen, pharmacologist, founder of Janssen Pharmaceutica (19262003) Flor joosen (b. Turnhout, 1952) businessman, well known for his caviar business. Micha marah, singer, eurovision representant in 1979 (born 1953) Aloïs Michielsen, born in Turnhout, chairman of the board and former ceo of Solvay jozef Simons, writer ( Oelegem 1888 turnhout 1948) lieve slegers, long-distance runner (born 1965) Jan Renier Snieders, physician and writer (18121888) paul. Koen de bouw, (born Turnhout, 1964) actor Twin cities edit references edit population per municipality as of (XLS; 397 KB) ml p catalogue spécialisé des Oblitérations Belges, nationale en Internationale postzegelmanifestaties Antwerpen (nipa antwerp, 1999. liste des Numéros Postaux, Administration des Postes, Bruxelles 1969.

4 Postal code since 1969: 2300. 5 Architectural sights worth visiting are the 12th century castle of the dukes beauté of Brabant, the gothic church. Peter, the beguinage (begijnhof) dating from the 13th century, the 14th century gothic chapel of Theobald and the taxandria museum housed in a prestigious renaissance produits mansion. Of particular interest is the museum of the Playing Card. This is located in an old factory building downtown and houses a beautifully restored steam engine. The beguinage was recognized by unesco as a world Heritage site in 1998. Turnhout is host to the biannual comic festival Strip Turnhout, the oldest comic festival of Flanders, and one of the largest.

Every year, there is also the film festival mooov (the former Open doek) which promotes cultural movies. During the summer months, the "Vrij-dagen" are organised. For a certain period, every Friday ( vrijdag in Dutch) two artists or bands give a live performance. The event is completely free ( vrij in Dutch) and attracts large crowds, strongly benefitting the local economy. Due to budgetary issues however, the "Vrij-dagen" have been discontinued since 2009, when the last edition was held. Gallery edit turnhout, church: Sint pieterskerk turnhout, town hall Turnhout, train station Turnhout, chapel Turnhout, water tower Notable residents edit further information: Category:People from Turnhout Marc de bonte (born 1990 kickboxer Philippus Jacobus Brepols, founder of Brepols pieter Corbeels, printer and a leader of the.

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Many times, the city and surroundings were the playground of armies, resulting in two major battles named after Turnhout: one in 1597 and one in 1789 are referred to as Battle of Turnhout. In 1830, belgium became independent, and Turnhout fell just south of the new border with the netherlands. The period of peace between 18w the digging of the canal (1846) and the construction of the railroad (1855). In the late middle Ages, turnhout was a well-known center for the weaving of bedding articles and of the linen trade. At the start of the 19th century, these trades were replaced by industries based on the use of paper. Pieter Corbeels and Philippus Jacobus Brepols are considered to be the founders of this industry.

Turnhout retains much of this industry today. Numerous graphics companies are located in the region, such as Brepols, group joos, proost International book production, van Genechten Packaging, and last but not least Cartamundi, the world market leader of the playing card industry. In addition, the belgian Centre for the Graphics Industry, and the Flemish Innovation Center for Graphic Communication ( Campus Blairon ) are located in Turnhout. Soudal, whose headquarters is located in Turnhout, is one of the leading companies in sealants. Postal history edit The turnhout post office opened before 1830. It used postal code 122 with bars (before 1864 and 367 with points before 1874.

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Dukes of Brabant that seems to have existed since 1110 or earlier. This hunting past is still reflected in the city's coat of arms. The small community that developed obtained its Libertas as a "free city" from Henry i, duke of Brabant in about 1212. In 1338, the privilege of organizing a market on Saturday was granted, a tradition that still holds today. In 1466, a traveler described the well-built houses and cream paved roads, and counted five churches. Castle of the dukes reuma of Brabant in Turnhout by the 16th century, turnhout had become a wealthy commercial center. Unfortunately, the end of the century brought war, fire, confiscations and epidemics. Suppression and inquisition made many progressive citizens to take refuge in the dutch Republic, leaving the land of Turnhout impoverished. The further history of Turnhout consists of a series of ups and downs.

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The turnhout city council often promotes the city as "the capital of the. This designation is entirely unofficial, since the. Kempen area pukkels is far larger than the turnhout district and does not form an administrative unit. Turnhout serves as the economic and cultural center for other communities in the immediate vicinity with more than 40 schools. There is also an important services sector with two hospitals, a two-stage theatre, an eight-screen cinema and one of the largest cultural centres of Belgium. Turnhout is located at about.3 North and.9 East, 42 km from the centre of, antwerp, 30 km from, breda and, tilburg, 40 km from, eindhoven. The football club of the city. Contents, history edit, turnhout originated on the crossroads of two major trade routes and in the protection of the hunting castle of the.

Municipality in Flemish Community, belgium, turnhout (Dutch pronunciation: tʏrnɦʌut ) is a, belgian municipality located in the. Flemish province of, antwerp. The municipality comprises only the city of Turnhout proper. On January 1, 2015, turnhout had a total population of 42,637. The total area.06 km which gives a population density of 835.5 inhabitants per. 2, the agglomeration, however, is much larger, accounting up to 81,473 inhabitants. 3, turnhout is known for its playing card industry, as it houses the head office of the world's largest manufacturer of playing cards, cartamundi. Turnhout is also the capital of the administrative district with the same name.

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